Job Summary:  The employee in this position performs skilled work in acting as the chief administrator for the Borough on a daily basis.  Responsibilities include daily interactions with residents of the Borough, routing correspondence and communications to the appropriate personnel, and ensuring that the Council meetings, resolutions, and ordinances of the Borough are recorded appropriately.  This is an administrative position requiring the employee to directly interface with the community and provide an exceptional “customer service” experience to the citizenry of the Borough.  This employee will attend all Borough Council Meetings and will work in consultation with the Office, Insurance, and Personnel committee chairperson and the Council President.

The following is a list of the duties anticipated in this position.

Direct day-to-day Operations of the Borough

●     Answer incoming calls, take messages, and provide follow-up on messages received

●     Handle and prioritize Borough mail, emails, faxes and phone calls during business hours

●     Handle problems and complaints from residents about various issues

●     Handle residents calls and report to Garbage and Recycling Hauler as necessary

●     Create meeting agendas, record and/or transcribe all official meetings, and preserve all records as required by the Borough

●     Prepare/Send Borough Mailings to residents

●     Administer the Secretary functions in accordance with The Borough Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and ordinances/resolutions of the Borough

●     Act as Liaison between Borough departments by answering phone calls, taking requests or payments, etc.

●     File all ordinances and resolutions for the Borough.  File all general correspondence, and act as official Borough Freedom of Information Act Officer.


Secretary/Administrative Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative functions

●     Type agendas for regular Council Meetings

●     Type monthly minutes of Regular Council meetings and all Special Meetings.

●     Prepare departmental reports (Public Works) as required.

●     Prepare miscellaneous letters (Council, code enforcement, road crew supervisor, police chief, Mayor) for official Borough business.

●     Collect sewer invoices, tax bills, and other accounts receivable in the absence of the Borough Treasurer.

●     Provide oversight of office personnel.



Building and Permits

●     Issue Street Excavation Permit and Sewer Hook-up Permits after appropriate review

●     Issue building permits after appropriate review by Borough-appointed engineer

●     Make deposits of all Building Permit application fees and provide a monthly report to Council

●     Create monthly reports for all street excavations and sewer hook-ups (if any)

●     Provide oversight of the Highway Improvement Account, write checks, transfer money, and provide balance of account.  Report account figures to Council monthly.

●     Prepare curbing and sidewalk notice letters in cooperation with Borough-appointed resources and the Borough Solicitor


Sewer Fund and Ash and Trash

●     Attend sewer meetings to prepare quarterly sewer invoice mailings. 

●     Prepare Ash and Trash Annual invoices.

●     Collect Ash and Trach invoices in the absence of the Borough Treasurer


Accounts Payable


●     Create bi-weekly payroll for all full-time and part time employees (including police)

●     Prepare all quarterly payroll reports (Federal, Pennsylvania, and Local)

●     Prepare all W-2s and reconciliation reports.  Prepare 1099 forms that are due.

●     Provide oversight of office supplies and equipment, and maintain inventory of necessary  office supplies.

●     Ensure that all incoming and outgoing mail is properly routed.

●     Ensure payment of all bills as invoiced after approval at Council meetings.




●     Work with Borough Council to identify, apply for and administer state, federal and local grants.

●     Assist with the collection, disbursement and payment of all building and zoning permits.

●     Attend all meetings of the Council and meetings of the committees, upon their request.

·         Assist the Borough Treasurer in the preparation of the Annual State Form MS-965, Actual Use Report of State Funds for our Liquid Fuel Funds by January 31st.

·         Prepare and Pull Documents for Auditor and sit with Auditor while audit is performed.

·         Learn all software programs for the General and Sewer fund Budgets, as well as payroll. 

·         Handle the duties of the Borough Treasurer in absence.



●     High School Graduate or state-issued GED is required.

●     Must have a working knowledge of traffic and safety rules and regulations.

●     Good computer knowledge and skills

●     Must possess a valid PA Driver’s License or be able to obtain one with 6 months of employment.

●     Must have an acceptable Motor Vehicle record which must be maintained throughout employment.

●     Must pass a background check and a pre-hire drug screening test.

●     Must be willing to work during all Council Meetings and required public meetings



●     A public notary is preferred for this position.






Reference – Duties of the Borough Secretary as Provided by the Borough Code (Title 8)


§ 1111.  Duties.

(a)  Attendance at meetings and maintenance of minutes.--The secretary shall attend all meetings of the council and shall maintain full minutes of its proceedings.

(b)  Other duties.--The secretary shall:

(1)  Record or transcribe the bylaws, rules, regulations, resolutions and ordinances of the borough in accordance with section 1009 (relating to typewritten, printed, photocopied, microfilmed and electronically or digitally stored records valid and recording or transcribing records).

(2)  Preserve the records and documents of the borough, have custody of the corporate seal and deliver to the secretary's successor the seal and all books, papers and other records and things belonging to the borough.

(3)  Certify copies of any book, paper, record, bylaw, rule, regulation, resolution, ordinance or proceeding of the borough under the seal of the borough. The copies, if certified, shall be admissible in evidence in any court of this Commonwealth.

(4)  Attest the execution of all instruments, record all ordinances and attest the same by the secretary's signature and file of record proof of service of all notices required by law. The secretary's certificate shall be good evidence of notice.

(5)  Inform council and the public as required by 65 Pa.C.S. Ch. 7 (relating to open meetings) of all borough meetings, including special meetings of council.

(c)  Necessary documents.--The borough shall furnish the secretary with the necessary dockets, books, forms and files as are necessary for the conduct of the office, which documents shall be and remain the property of the borough.