Small-Town USA Holiday Lights Self-Tour Featured on LehighValleyLive, the digital arm of the Express-Times posted a copy of the Small-Town USA Holiday Lights Self-Tour as well as a slide show showing off some of the amazing decorations in our small town.  The article and photos can be found on the LehighValleyLive website.

Print-outs of the tour are also available at the borough office or are listed below:

  1. From Walnut Street turn right onto Third St.
  2. While on Third St take a left turn onto Eugene St.
  3. From Eugene St the tour continues with a left turn onto Chapel St.
  4. Chapel St intersects with Howertown Rd so you will need to take a left onto Howertown and then a quick right back onto Chapel St.
  5. From Chapel St. turn right onto American St and look for the house whose chimney is even lit up.
  6. While on American St take a right turn onto Locust St.
  7. From Locust St turn right onto Howertown  Rd.
  8. Continue down Howertown Rd for about three blocks before turning left onto Grove St.
  9. From Grove St take a slight left onto Arch St, which runs to the left of the North Catasauqua War Memorial.
  10. From Arch St make a left turn onto Seventh St.
  11. From Seventh St turn right back onto Chapel and then turn right onto Sixth St.
  12. Continue down Sixth St before turning left onto Buttonwood St.
  13. The tour continues down Buttonwood St before turning right onto Fourth St again.
  14. From Fourth St take a right turn onto Cypress St before taking another right onto Fifth St.
  15. From Fifth St turn left back onto Buttonwood St.
  16. While on Buttonwood take a slight right onto Grove St, you will now be driving past North Catasauqua Park.
  17. Take a left off of Grove St onto Howertown Rd.
  18. From Howertown Rd turn right onto Hunter St.
  19. From Hunter St take a left turn onto Berks St.
  20. Continue down Berks St before turning left onto Breinings Ln.
  21. From Breinings turn right back onto Howertown Rd.
  22. The tour continues by turning left off of Howertown onto Palomino Dr.
  23. From Palomino Dr turn left onto Culiver St.
  24. From Culiver St take another left onto Willow Dr.
  25. From Willow Dr turn right onto Howertown Rd again.
  26. Turn right off of Howertown onto Wyandotte St.
  27. Continue on Wyandotte St before turning left onto Seventh St
  28. From Seventh St turn right onto Green St and right again onto Lincoln St.
  29. From Lincoln St turn left onto Wyandotte St again.
  30. While on Wyandotte St turn left onto Main St and then another left onto Green St.
  31. From Green St turn right onto Washington St.
  32. From Washington Sr turn right onto Grove St.
  33. Turn left off of Grove St onto Fourth St and the tour ends back in front of the North Catasauqua Borough Hall.