Council Meeting Minutes of 1-15-2018


JANUARY 15, 2018

President Peter Paone presided at the Regular Council meeting of North Catasauqua Borough held January 15, 2018 calling the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

PRESENT:         Mayor William Molchany, Jr., President Peter Paone, Vice President John J. Yanek, Councilpersons Joseph T. Keglovits, Cherie Gebhardt, Billy Duch, Michele Hazzard, Joseph D. Keglovits, Solicitor Robert Eyer, Treasurer Annette Englert and Secretary Nancy Knecht.

Also present was Chief Kim Moyer and Officer Thomas Slapinsky

OBSERVING:  Mark Gioielli – 1503 Lincoln St. 610-264-9455

Vice President Yanek stated regarding the minutes of Dec. 12, 2017, the comment was made that no employees were involved in the luminaria event.  John would like the minutes corrected to show that the office staff sold luminaries for the event.


                                    MOTION:         By Councilman Billy Duch

                                                            To approve the minutes for

                                                            December 12, 2017 as amended.

                                                            2nd By Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                                            Head count – all yes


                                    MOTION:         By Councilman Billy Duch

                                                            To approve the Reorganization Minutes

                                                            of January 2, 2018.

                                                            2nd by Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                                            Head count – all yes



Gail and Art Wagner – 1026 2nd Street – 484-838-0432

Re:  1020-1022 2nd Street. – Update

President Paone reported the previous bids for demolition have expired some time ago.  He solicited bids which were to be opened this evening and asked council to delay because he only received one bid.  One of the bidders called and said they would have the bid to the borough later this week.  They will not be opened until the next meeting. 

President Paone said the borough was contacted by the new owners and they stated they wanted to move forward and address the issues with the property.  Everything has broken down with the one owner.  The other owner is asking what they can do to work the issue and help bring up to code.  1024 2nd St. has been in contact, 1020-22 is the problem area.  Pete feels he has to look ahead.  Francis Hadik told Annette he talked to the water company about patching the street and they will not touch it, the previous owners were in litigation with the water company.  Pete feels we will have to take the initiative and do something. 


Secretary Knecht reported she set up a Planning committee meeting for January 31st at 6:00 PM regarding final preliminary approval for the Willow Brook Development Phase 1.

After talking to Francis Hadik, he was not appointed fire marshal at the Reorganization meeting on the 2nd.   The secretary would like him appointed this evening.

She received two proposals from Weeds, Inc., 701 Grove St for $268.00 which is up $22.00 from last year.  It is for the infield dirt and mulched areas at the park.  She received a 2nd proposal for the boro complex for the mulched areas at a cost of $882.00 and also the gravel areas fence lines and guardrails in the amount of $448.00, up a total of $59.00 from last year.

She reported everyone has on their desk a proposal for heat for the upper garage from A & S HVAC in the amount of $3,646.00.  Councilman Joe Keglovits received authorization at the last meeting to get a quote on this.

Secretary Knecht reminded everyone to complete a State of Financial Interest form.


                                    MOTION:         By Councilman Billy Duch

                                                            To appoint Francis Hadik as Fire

                                                            Marshal for the Borough of North


                                                            2nd by Councilman Joseph T. Keglovits

                                                            Head count – all yes


                                    MOTION:         By Councilman Billy Duch

                                                            Authorizing the acceptance of

                                                            Weeds Inc. proposals for 701 Grove

                                                            Street in the amount of $268.00 as well

                                                            as $882.00, the proposal for the borough

                                                            complex gravel area and $448.00 for the

                                                            guardrail and fence area.

                                                            2nd by Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                                            Head count – all yes



Treasurer Englert reported everyone has the final treasurer report for 2017.  The General Fund ended with a balance of $26,516.15 and the Sewer Fund ended with $170,892.26 balance. 

Annette received a check from Willow Brook Land Trust in the amount of $22,199.13 for reimbursement of the invoice paid by the borough. 

She also sent the street sweeper reconciliation report to Allen Township and received their payment in the amount of $3,545.79. 

Per Gene Goldfeder and the adjustment for sewer flows, there will be no 4th quarter billing from Catasauqua Borough. 

After talking to President Paone, the treasurer renewed the CD for the Road Program for another 6 months.  She took out $3,815.00 and transferred it to the Special Projects account to pay for the pad for the dumpster at the park. 

Treasurer Englert met with Katrinka from Brosky Insurance on the borough’s annual policies.  For the public official policy Katrinka shopped around and was able to get a 7% decrease which amounts to $643.00 and the law enforcement she did the same and got a 16% decrease in the amount of $2,340.00.  For our property ins. She got MRM, our carrier, to give the borough a 1 1/2% increase instead of the normal 3% which was $710.00.

Al France, the borough independent auditor, has been scheduled to start the 2017 audit January 22nd. 

Annette mailed out 1,128 garbage invoices for a total of $437,199.01 and 1,118 sewer bills in the amount of $192,672.63.  They were mailed out January 10th.

Vice President Yanek asked if the trash amount went up which is no and the sewer rate stayed at 150%.




Mayor Molchany had a few items for his report but the first one is the most important. 

Mayor Molchany reported at this time Corporal Thomas Slapinsky chose to take retirement after 30 years and will be leaving his post at the end of the week.  The mayor prepared a speech for Tom.  Some of the comments in the speech was Tom was a reliable public servant who has diligently served with passion as a police officer and 1st responder for many years.  He has made a positive impact on many lives in our community and extended his appreciation to Tom for his commitment for many long years to the borough and wishes him health, happiness and best wishes for his next endeavors.  Mayor Molchany presented him with a certificate and thanked him for all his years of service to a standing ovation.


Police Report – Dec.

Mayor Molchany reported there were a total of 297 calls handled by the police for December.  They had 10 assists to other departments, 38 citizen assists, 51 follow-ups, 4 suspicious activity, 4 suspicious persons, 7 suspicious vehicles, and 68 vehicle stops.  For the year the mayor stated we were short 3 of 3,200 calls, a total of 3,197.  John asked how many incidents there were in 2015 and 2016.  There 1,197 thru November in 2015 and 1,265 thru Nov. in 2016.  Pete feels maybe a different set of incidents were used.  Mayor Molchany will report at the next meeting.

The mayor received from RCN a plaque and a letter saying the Borough of North Catasauqua is now a member of a very exclusive and a very limited number of municipalities whose residents have access t 1 Gigabit Internet speed.  Less than 1% of households in PA have access to internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit, which is equal to 1,000 megabits per second. 


Fire Report – December

Joseph reported there were a total of 12 calls for December.

1 automatic fire alarm

2 dwelling structures

3 mutual aids


1 Water Rescue

1 Regular Rescue


Councilwoman Gebhardt had a question about snowflakes.  The stated someone approached her about the length of time snowflakes are up.  She wondered if the committee has ever discussed this, if there is a timeline.  Joe said the snowflakes that came down were the ones around the park where the red lights are put in.  The other ones will be coming down but because of the weather haven’t gotten them all down.  Joe said they are up usually to the 2nd week of January.  The longer they’re up the more money is being put out and Joe said that was correct.



Chairman Duch reported everyone should have an estimate on their desk.  Billy talked to John and for the future the estimate is for enclosing the pavilion.  The price is $60 to 70,000.00 to enclose with doors.  Billy said the fellow was up and took measurements.  Pres. Paone said it was more for inclement weather for rentals, also could be nice for band concerts.  Pete stated there are a lot of different options available for the borough and without knowing what the price is ahead of time it is hard to apply for the grants.  He asked Billy to get an estimate in case something would be available in the way of grants, he would have some figures.  Pete would not push for doing this right now, does not think there is any money in the budget as it is.  Items like this we would have a catalog available to us to spend on projects.



No Report


No Report

President Paone reported he received an estimate from Force One.  He thinks the other day the guys were going to try and paint the truck with spray paint.  The issue they had was couldn’t open the door because it was too cold and couldn’t keep it closed because of the gas heater and fumes. That’s why there is a quote from Force One.


Vice President Yanek reported he received a financial report from WE Sing. 

John stated at the last Reorganization meeting, the Civil Service Commission was talked about and really didn’t follow through on John Keglovits.  We want to find out if he is going to stay on or if he decides not to do it.  Pete said from previous conversations he still lives here and Joe confirmed that he does.  Pete said unless he resigns then we can remove him.  Joe said he will check with him to see if he wants to stay on.  There are 3 members and 2 alternates for now. 

John said before the reorganization meeting council was talking about insurance regarding pavilion rentals.  It would be similar to a home insurance card.  He would like it on the rental form for the pavilion.  Joe asked what if a group rents it, as an example a class reunion or CYSA, which has insurance for that.  It would be whoever signs the paperwork that would take responsibility.  Annette said if for ex., for a class reunion, if the person signing the contract doesn’t want to take the responsibility then the group would have to go out for insurance for the day, just like We Sing did.  She feels the reunion committee would have to go out and find a policy.  Pete said he asked Catty and Northampton what they require for rentals and they do require proof of insurance.  Joe asked if the rent was ever changed.  In the Borough News you can’t distinguish between residents and non-residents.  It was brought up but never acted on.  Joseph feels if it is too low you have a lot of out of towners and then sometimes you ask for problems.  Annette said a lot of people don’t want it when you tell them the price is $140.00.  Council feels the fee should be $140.00 across the board. 


                                                MOTION:             By Councilman Joe Keglovits

                                                                                To set the pavilion rental price at


The motion was amended to the following.


                                                MOTION:             By Councilman Joe Keglovits

                                                                                To set the pavilion rate at $140.00 for

                                                                                Residents and non-residents and also

a non-profit organization has the right

                                                                                To ask council to waive the fee.

                                                                                2nd by Councilman Joseph Keglovits

                                                                                Head count – all yes


The motion is to be forwarded to Katrinka to see what she needs to come up with.  The people that have already paid will remain with the fee they paid.  Council authorized new rental sheets be typed.  Joseph feels we should get a copy of their insurance.  Katrinka can tell us if everything is okay.  This should be approved at the next council meeting. 

Councilman Duch asked if the fee could be waived for the Fire Dept. on June 11th as they are doing a demonstration.  No fees are charged during the week, only weekends.  The office pencils the week dates in but they are not charged for weekdays.


President Paone prefers not to open bids tonight because he only received one. 

Pete had a meeting with UGI.  Al was present, the mayor, LeRoy Brobst from Northampton and his public works supervisor as well as Catasauqua Public Works supervisor Jeff MacHose.  Pete reported UGI presented their long term Infrastructure Improvement Program for Catasauqua, North Catasauqua and Northampton boroughs.  President Paone said because we talked about doing a couple roads this year, clearly it does not make any sense to do roads if they are just going to be torn up in the next 5 years.  Nothing has been posted on the website or anywhere like that as UGI did state all plans are tentative.

For the most part, the vast majority of all road work that UGI wanted to do in North Catasauqua has already been completed so all the areas torn up on Main Street, 3rd Street and 4th Street, that’s about half of what they are planning to do in North Catasauqua.  In 2018 they are doing very little in North Catasauqua, there are two small bits of lines, they are actually an extension of what they are doing in Catasauqua.  Pete showed council a map and pointed out North Catty.  The roads that are going to be addressed is Arch Street and have already talked to the Fire Dept. so when they tear up Arch Street they will have to have some alternate plans for their equipment.  Another road is Howertown, Front, this probably would be done in 2019.  One of the streets that the borough wanted to address was 8th Street, but actually will be torn up in 2019 by UGI.  Pete said there is not very much in the way of activity for us in 2018.  Catasauqua, a lot of work in 2018 and North Catasauqua in 2019 then back and forth between Catasauqua and Northampton.  Some of the areas may be shifting some roads to help Northampton that will be done in 2020, 2021 and 2022.  Other things they may adjust is Willow Brook and may address Howertown at the same time.  Pete said this is still tentative and subject to change.

Pete stated as a follow-up to the Reorganization meeting, he received a nice little Christmas present that we did receive a letter from Northampton County regarding grant money for next year.  Pete read the letter to council.  The Dept. of Community and Economic Development from the county announced funding in the amount of $25,000.00 for the North Catasauqua ADA Playground Improvements Project and $25,000.00 for the planning needs for installing an elevator to make the borough’s town hall accessible.  They modified it a little Pete said, we originally applied for the beautification but they wanted a little for the ADA.  In addition to that, the county in the borough’s behalf put in an application for a CIPP grant, Community Investment Partnership Program.  Pete said we have a grant total of $50,000.00 toward ADA improvements and $25,000.00 toward an elevator study. 

Joe wonders if the improvements to the snack stand is considered ADA.  Pete will have to get the whole package.  ADA could be a lot of things.  Pete stated they awarded it as a match for the one grant is covered by the other award.  Pete feels it is a packet for us to digest.  Joe said the only things he could think is lowering the counters for ADA accessible.  They think going for 2 awards will free up the money for the match.  Pete said he would go over the packet with Joe.


No Report


Chief Moyer reported he would like approval to use Lehigh Township firearms range.  There are a total of 14 officers.


                                                MOTION:             By Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                                                                Authorizing the police utilize Lehigh

                                                                                Township Firing Range.

                                                                                2nd by Councilman Billy Duch

                                                                                Head count – all yes



No Report




Councilman Joseph Keglovits wanted to thank Travis and the Public Works Dept. for doing an outstanding job with decorating the park and borough hall.  The Betterment committee spent $2,000.00 worth of new decorations, extension cords and new figures that were at the park and borough hall.  Joseph got very positive feedback on the decorations and a lot of emails.  Joseph said it was a very cohesive year.  Pete said there was a nice write-up from Bill White this year.

Councilman Keglovits said looking at estimates for that truck, he was hoping we could do it ourselves.  He would like the inside of the truck done for $775.00.  The total estimate for the whole thing was $2,175.00.  He wants it back in service, therefore just wants the bed done.  It is an old truck but in good shape, not great to plow snow. 


                                MOTION:             By Councilman Joe Keglovits

                                                                To take the dump truck to Force One

                                                                and get the inside of the bed painted in

                                                                the amount of $785.00.

                                                                2nd by Councilman Joseph T. Keglovits

                                                                Head count – all yes


Vice President John Yanek said over the holidays Mr. Geiger was walking his dog in the park. He called John to tell him there were 5 or 6 huge dog bones by the sled about $18.00 each.  They were wrapped and came right from the store.  John went and picked them up and Cherie then talked to Kelly Moyer who runs a rescue group. 

John asked if we do street cleaning in the winter.  Joe said not a whole lot.  A lot of people said there are a lot of stone and cinders on the streets.  Joe said it’s not us, maybe Northampton or Allen Township, they do non-skid.

They asked Mark Gioielli he was told he was appointed Vacancy Board Chairman.  Pete explained to Mark he would be the person in charge of finding someone to fill a council position if someone resigned or could no longer serve. 


                                                MOTION:             By Councilman Joe Keglovits

                                                                                To advertise for a replacement

                                                                                on the Zoning Hearing Board.

                                                                                2nd by Councilman Joseph Keglovits

                                                                                Head count – all yes


This will be addressed at the 2nd meeting in February.


                                                MOYION:             By Councilman Billy Duch

                                                                                To pay all bills

                                                                                2nd by Councilman Joseph Keglovits

                                                                                Head count – all yes


Councilwoman Gebhardt mentioned in February we meet on the 19th which is a holiday.  After a short discussion council will hold their meeting on the 19th.


                                                MOTION:             By Councilman Billy Duch

                                                                                To adjourn the meeting.

                                                                                2nd by Councilman Joseph Keglovits

                                                                                All ayes



Meeting adjourned at 8:18 PM.






                BOROUGH SECRETARY