Council Meeting Minutes of 10-14-2014








OCTOBER 14, 2014



President Joseph Keglovits presided at the Regular Council Meeting of North Catasauqua held October 14, 2014 calling the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


PRESENT:         Mayor William J. Molchany, Jr., President Joseph Keglovits, Vice President John J.

                        Yanek, Councilpersons William Nothstein, Cherie Gebhardt, Michael J. Seng (came

                        At 8:32PM) Michele Hazzard, Peter Paone, Solicitor William J. McCarthy, Secretary

                        Nancy Knecht.

                        Also present was Chief Kim Moyer


EXCUSED ABSENCE:  Treasurer Annette Englert


Minutes of the September 23, 2014 meeting were approved as read.


The Treasurer Report was accepted as presented.




Paul Maderic – 710 Hunter St. – 1212 Howertown Rd, 610-435-5061


Paul Maderic reported he has an escrow account held at Wells Fargo and had the account for quite a few years.  The bank has starting charging fees.  Originally the balance was $5,000.00 and now they are charging a fee of $48.40 per month and he does not know why.  He wondered what could be done about it.

President Keglovits reported Mr. Maderic sub-divided property on Howertown Road and money was put aside for sewer and water hook-up and has not done anything with it.  Joe also stated the Betterment Committee pulled their money from Wells Fargo because of the fees.  President Keglovits stated if Mr. Maderic decides to do anything he will have to come in and get permits.  Joe recommends that we give him his money back as it has been just sitting there for six years.  Solicitor McCarthy stated the sub-division agreement would have to be amended to reflect that as the plan was recorded.  Council was fine with refunding his money.


                        MOTION:         By Councilman Peter Paone

                                                Authorizing amending Mr. Maderic’s

                                                Sub-Division Agreement and once

Minutes of Regular Council Meeting – October 14, 2014 – Page 2 of 12


                                                Amended the outstanding balance will

                                                be reimbursed.

                                                2nd by Councilman Bill Nothstein

                                                Head count – all yes


Richard Molchany – Director of General Services, Lehigh County

Steve Turoscy – County Engineer who is responsible for repair, rehabilitation and replacement of bridges in Lehigh County.


President Keglovits stated the gentlemen were from Lehigh County and are going to talk about the possibility of getting a permit to keep the stone there.  Joe stated he contacted Roy Stewart, the borough zoning officer, who said Keystone could not do it, the county has to and the county said no they do not do that.

Richard talked about the schedule of completion and the project which is known as Lehigh 3 Bridge Project.  Rick reported the original project was to be completed this fall, it will not be done this fall the reality is there has been setbacks.  Rick Molchany stated when you talk about setbacks it is important to use setback and not delay as delay is a legal term.  Agreements were signed with the County of Lehigh and it was stated the bridge will be done by a certain period of time.  Paperwork has to be reviewed by their engineer and Penn Dot.  Right now they are dealing with 3 setbacks, Rick stated it’s a setback until Penn Dot actually grants the delay.  He is pretty confident they will get the delays authorized. 

He talked about the 3 setbacks.

  1.  Original setback was they could not get utilities to come to the table

  2. Piles- set of piles installed for the piers and abutment of the bridge and have to be down in the bedrock.  As everyone knowj this area is full of limestone and the reality is the first set of piles took the total amount of allotment and money and time.  There were still 7 or 8 locations for the piles.  This issue took 100 day delay and it’s already at 160 day setback.

  3.  Asbestos could not be identified.  The bridge was dismantled and asbestos was found.  This caused another setback.    

Mr. Molchany reported they are looking to complete bridge sometime next summer but traffic could come across the bridge as early as May.  He also stated the winter is a difficult time to be pouring concrete.  Not sure how the winter may impact the deadline.


Mr. Molchany stated he would like to have a representative from North Catasauqua be at the meeting—for whatever reason the construction manager and or the general contractor has eliminated North Catasauqua from the meetings.  He wants to extend the offer again.  County representatives, Penn Dot representatives, construction manager and bridge inspectors as well as Whitehall Township officials attend the meetings.  President Keglovits alluded at the beginning of the meeting the issue of the canal and North Catasauqua would be assisted in providing access to the canal on a more permanent basis.  The permit is to return the canal to its exact condition as it was prior to construction.  They have a temporary permit to access the canal right now.  Rick said if the borough wishes, it would be the responsibility of the borough to make those changes. 

Minutes of Regular Council Meeting – October 14, 2014 – Page 3 of 12


The borough has to do it—offered their engineer, McTish, to help and assist in part but it is not their responsibility to do it.  When using federal and state monies there is no provision plan to make a donation to any borough.  They are supporting us but at the same time it is getting late.  If the borough can proceed and get the permits, the vendor would be very happy to talk to us about that donation.  They cannot provide a delay or setback to do this.   Rick also stated the list of people the borough would have to apply to is pretty long and the borough would be changing an historic site at the canal.  Rick stated the army corp of engineers, DEP, anyone involved would have to sign off.  Rick also stated we should continue to work with Scott Everett and D & L team but the county can’t do it for us.  Had a disconnect and time is ticking and he wanted to explain the schedule and issues of the canal.

Councilwoman Hazzard asked how long it took them to put the access road and stone in and asked about the cost.  Rick stated he would have to check and Michele asked how long it would take to undo it.  Rick reported it is already in the contract to undo it.  President Keglovits asked if the stone stays there someone is going to save $20 to $50,000.00 to remove the stone.  Councilman Paone stated not if it causes a setback.  Rick Molchany reported the contractors rent the stone and then sell the stone back when the project is completed.  Joe asked how long it would take to get the permits—Councilman Paone stated he has worked on these kind of projects before and it is a very lengthy process.  Rick stated minimally it could take 9-12 months more like 12-18 months.  Lehigh 3 Bridge consists of 3 bridges, railroad bridge and county bridge were both demolished.

Rick reported the Coplay/Northampton bridge should go next fall.  They are keeping abutment and piers, use foundation and will go more quickly than the Hokey Bridge.  The expense of the bridge will cost as much as the Hokey, between 16 and 17 million in construction costs.  Rick stated the next bridge will then be the Cementon/Northampton Bridge which 20,000 cars go over each day.  Penn Dot will do that on their own.  Rick reported Homeland Security uses in its plan Route 329 as a required roadway that must be maintained and kept open.  Rick said there could be a new bridge adjacent to the old bridge because the roadway must be kept open.  He also stated the Historic Society has named the Cementon/Northampton Bridge as an historic bridge which now creates a little more work to be done and extreme diligence.  He stated only 3 bridges in eastern PA have that style of bridge.  Coplay/Northampton bridge contract will let next fall.  The bridge will start late 2018 or earlier and should finish 2020 or 2021. 

Rick anticipates the Hokey Bridge be completed next summer with traffic somewhere around May and hoping the winter is a very mild one.  Steve and Rick did not have any action on this and whoever said it would not be a problem was wrong and shouldn’t have said that.  Mr. Molchany feels our engineer should talk with the bridge engineer very quickly.  Rick said as Councilman Paone stated, environmental permits are not something you get overnight especially with the canal being historic. 

President Keglovits asked about unlimited weight coming across the bridge and Rick stated yes.  Joe stated we are going to see more trucks.  Rick said the detour for the Coplay/Northampton Bridge will probably be the Hokey Bridge and the Cementon/Northampton bridge detour will probably be the Treichler’s bridge.  He said they would route the people up there because it is a state road and state road maintenance.  You have to be careful how you manage detours. 

Minutes of Regular Council Meeting – October 14, 2014 – Page 4 of 12


President Keglovits asked if the railroad crossing is going to be removed or stay, the timber.  Joe said if the timber is removed it doesn’t do the borough any good.  The engineer stated it probably would stay and promised to get that information to the borough.  Mr. Molchany stated a change order can only happen with a valid permit.  Rick said if we could get a permit they would be happy to work with the borough.  Lehigh County has a long standing agreement with Northampton County that they take the lead and responsibility on the bridge projects.  Rick also stated county does not maintain or own any roads.  Rick Molchany showed council pictures of how the bridge will actually look.  The next meeting date for the bridge will be October 27th at 10:00 am, across from Justice Halal’s office. 

Councilwoman Gebhardt asked about the timeframe of the American Parkway Bridge, it’s a city bridge and Steve Turoscy stated it may have the same timeframe as the Hokey Bridge.

Rick also stated he will get back to Joe with some of the questions he asked and also stated he is looking forward to North Catasauqua having someone at the October 27th meeting.




Secretary Knecht reported the following:

  1.  There were 2 building, 2 zoning, 1 curb/sidewalk permit issued for September as well as 1 street excavation permit to UGI.

  2. The secretary gave a copy to council of Ordinance 162 pertaining to disorderly conduct that was discussed at last month’s meeting.

  3. Secretary Knecht gave council copies of House Bill 1671 and Solicitor McCarthy’s outline of that bill which he does not feel would be good for the borough as well as the PA State Association of Boroughs.

  4. Secretary Knecht attended a Benecon meeting and the medical coverage increases were provided to each municipality.  She was happy to report the borough increase for 2015 is .04%.  The average increase for the entire group of municipalities was 5.2%.  Council was given copies of the paperwork showing the new figures.  She also informed council the borough will be getting a final check in the amount of $9,801.00 for 2013 claim performance by the end of the month.

  5. She reported there will be a Zoning Hearing Board meeting on Wednesday, November 5th for the installation of a pre-fabricated garage at 520 Buttonwood Street.


Office Report approved as read.




Secretary Knecht reported the following Treasurer Report.

  1.  The treasurer received the PA State Aid check for the pension funds in the amount of $51,928.94.  Annette deposited $23,024.00 to the Police Pension Fund per our MMO report.  She deposited $28,904.94 in the Non-Uniform Employee Pension Fund but will


Minutes of Regular Council Meeting – October 14, 2014 – Page 5 of 12


have to draw checks from the General Fund and Sewer Fund for the $1,456,.06 to fulfill               our MMO Report.

  1. The treasurer received our PA Utility Realty Tax check for the year in the amount of $1,191.71.

  2. She received the PA Firemen’s Relief check in the amount of $17,123.96 which she has deposited and have forwarded the money to Charotin’s Firemen’s Relief Account.

  3. The Treasurer would like Resolution No. 297 passed to eliminate employee contributions to the Police Pension Fund due to the unit values from the Police Plan that will be sufficient to satisfy the 2015 MMO.

  4. Chris Greb, our Assistant Fire Chief, notified the office that he has access to a machine that can print ID badges.  He felt it would be best to do it before a council meeting.  If we notify him when it would be convenient, he will be present and take the pictures and make up the badges at no cost to the borough.


Treasurer Report accepted as presented.




Mayor Molchany reported on Sunday, October 12th at AutumnFest there were 82 fingerprints done.  He thanked the officers of the Police Department and reported there seems to be an increase since doing this service. 

Mayor Molchany introduced a Resolution to change the park name to William J. Albert Memorial Park North Catasauqua.  The mayor read to council all of Mr. Albert’s accomplishments.  Councilman Nothstein it would be a very appropriate honor and stated Mr. Albert never looked for thanks or praise.  Councilwoman Gebhardt stated it would be very nice for the family and Michele and Peter agreed.  Solicitor McCarthy will prepare a resolution.


Mayor Report accepted as presented.




Chairman Nothstein reported the following:


Fire Report – September 2014

5 structure/dwelling fire, 1 work fire

3 automatic fire alarms

2 EMS Assists


10 Total Calls



Minutes of Regular Meeting – October 14, 2014 – Page 6 of 12


Chairman Nothstein reported he and Councilman Paone discussed with Fire Chief McGinley about the Knox Box situation, a little bit about some of the things that were shared with the people in the audience particularly those that have small businesses.  Shawn thought maybe at first it could be voluntary rather than a mandatory situation but also putting into that a fire alarm system after so many nuisance alarms where they choose not use a knox box could make it mandatory to put in.  They discussed about apartment units, Bill feels they are related but separate.  Bill stated when he questions Shawn he was looking for access to a common area not necessarily the apartments.  Chairman Nothstein reported he received a membership list which was turned into the office.

Chairman Nothstein reported he had question with regard to the insurance letter from Ron Brosky and put a call into him and stated his call was never returned.  Councilman Nothstein asked council what direction they want to follow regarding who is permitted to be on the equipment owned by the borough and vehicles owned by the borough.  There are a lot of gray areas.  Bill stated it was up to the borough about a waiver, AutumnFest was just on the 12th and vehicles were there and being used.  He wanted to know if these people are covered.  He stated there are other events and it was brought up about non-borough employees being in borough vehicles.  He asked if we want to have a waiver policy or do we not.  He asked if we are covered if transporting someone from AutumnFest and there is an accident.  Is that person covered?  Council has to decide what they want to do.  Solicitor McCarthy stated the policy should be read and see what it says.  Attorney McCarthy stated he has another municipality where the people are not covered.  Councilman Nothstein asked if council should bring Mr. Brosky in and ask him some questions.  Bill would like Ron to explain if we have a borough sanctioned event and if something happens would they be covered.  Solicitor McCarthy reported Ron does not decide, the insurance company does.  Secretary Knecht stated she would call Ron and see if he would be able to come to the next meeting. 

 Councilman Nothstein said they did ask Shawn for a list of volunteers which was received.  Bill also stated Shawn did not get the information on keys yet and there are still questions on two radios.  He stated those radios do not exist and have not been in use for quite a while.  He feels they have been disposed of.  Councilman Nothstein asked them to list who could drive existing trucks, answers were vague other than the youths can’t drive and anyone else can drive.  Bill wanted the list broke down vs. car/fire truck as it was requested but not received yet.  Mayor Molchany asked if a key is lost or stolen on the knox box, who would be liable for replacement of that key.  The key would be the one that opens the knox box.  Pete stated it is not a single key it would be on all trucks.  There was no answer to that question.  Solicitor McCarthy reported Northampton is looking at this and stated it is going to be passed.  He also stated it has not been addressed in Northampton and is a good question.  Attorney McCarthy would think it would be the fire company as they have exclusive possession.  It is a common key that opens all know boxes.


Public Safety-Fire Report accepted as presented.



Minutes of Regular Meeting – October 14, 2014 – Page 7 of 12


Councilwoman Gebhardt stated on behalf of the Recreation Committee she would like to say that AutumnFest was a great success and everything ran very well.  She also reported Thursday, October 23rd at 7:00 PM at Borough Hall is the next Rec committee meeting.

She reported the ice machine is shot and would like to get a bigger one.  She also stated the ledges on the snack stand are cracking and splintering.  You can continue to wipe down but rags are always black.  Asked if there is another type of surface that would be better.  President Keglovits will look at the maximum amps for electricity.  Vice President Yanek does not want to purchase an ice machine if the amps can’t handle it.  There was a discussion on the sizes of ice machines.

Recreation Report accepted as presented.


Councilman Nothstein forgot to mention he was looking at bills for the Fire Dept. and there is an invoice for almost $9,000.00 for additional equipment on the truck.  The bill is not coded to a line item.  President Keglovits stated they took the truck down to Horrock and had all the stuff that came off the old truck put on the new truck.  Bill wanted to know if in the original price of the truck if this work was part of it.  The answer was no.  He also wanted to know if it was part of the extra $30,000.00 and the answer was no.  He asked the secretary who authorized the invoice and she stated she didn’t think anyone authorized it.  President Keglovits felt they indicated they were going to do it but he thought the fire company was going to pay for it.  Chairman Nothstein feels if the understanding was they were going to do this that Shawn stated when the borough was going to own the truck and not have joint ownership then the borough would pay the regular bills and would not come out of Charotin money.  Councilwoman Hazzard asked if more was going to come out of our budget.  President Keglovits said if something has to be done on the truck they have to come to council.  Councilman Paone went over the invoice and feels some of the items in the truck are accessories to the truck.  Councilman Paone does not see how miscellaneous items added on the truck pertains to the title of the truck.  The items were not agreed upon on the purchase of the truck.  There is no PO’s—council did not know what they were doing.  Council feels it is not part of the $30,000.00 the borough was going to pay for.  Councilman Paone feels the line item on the budget was hit twice/testing was going to be done.  Pete also feels the fire company expected to use those line items but the money was spent.  Councilman Nothstein feels it was their choice and no PO, he feels it is not council’s responsibility to pay.  Pete asked Bill where Shawn was and stated there was some type of training he was doing.  Councilman Nothstein also questioned a Force 1 invoice—President Keglovits thinks it was for the red truck.  They are still not sure what truck the batteries are for.  There is no line item on it.  Secretary Knecht thought the Treasurer did not know which line to put it to.  She also reported there was no PO or it would be attached and the Treasurer and Chief McGinley don’t agree with how to use PO’s.  President Keglovits feels for the battery he understands there is no PO but the other one should have a PO.  Councilman Nothstein feels the line items of the fire company are pretty much cleaned out. 


Public Safety-Fire Report #2 accepted as presented.

Minutes of Regular Meeting – October 14, 2014 – Page 8 of 12




No Report




No Report




Vice President Yanek reported AutumnFest and Car Show was huge, there were 225 cars and feels it was the biggest one ever.  He hopes a lot of money was raised.


Vice President Report approved as read.




President Keglovits reported the Betterment committee is looking at the possibility of looking to purchase 4 permanent signs.  Joe said they are pretty much like the signs we have but the logo will be permanently mounted.  He is looking to put one on the right away at the golf course, in the park, one by the high rise and one at borough hall.  He is asking for permission for them to do and the cost will be picked up by the Betterment Committee.  He stated the one at the golf course will be placed where there is a drop.  The one at the park has not been decided.  The signs are electric and the cost is $475.00 without posts.


                  MOTION:         By Councilman Bill Nothstein

                                          Authorizing the placement of the signs

                                          And the 4th sign will be discussed later.

                                          2nd by Councilman Michael J. Seng

                                          Head count all yes


President Keglovits reported to council the Betterment Committee is putting up 6 more snowflakes. 


                  MOTION:         By Councilman Peter Paone

                                          Authorizing putting up 6 more


                                          2nd by Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                          Head count – all yes


Council President Report accepted as presented.


Minutes of Regular Meeting – October 14, 2014 – Page 9 of 12




No Report




No Report






Website – Secretary Nancy Knecht


Secretary Knecht reported the Treasurer, Mayor and herself met with Eric Delabar Monday, October 6th for training on the website.  Annette did most of the typing during training—it did not appear to be very difficult it’s a matter of just working on it and getting used to it.  He gave us “cheat sheets” which should be a help and he also has to put on some links.






President Keglovits reported there was a request by Willow Brook Golf Course.  They are holding a charity event and people purchase gold balls and they are dropped over a golf hole.  They are asking for use of the borough bucket truck for the ball drop.  One of our employees will operate the truck. 


                        MOTION:         By Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                                Authorizing the bucket truck go to

                                                Willow Brook Golf course for a ball drop.

                                                2nd by Vice President John J. Yanek

                                                Head count – all yes


President Keglovits reported there is money in the budget and would like to establish a list of employees that would be on call for bad weather.  They would have their CDL and a 4th truck could be out or have laborers do the sidewalks.  It would be on an “as needed” basis.  He would like to advertise and get a list together. 

Councilman Nothstein asked about an agency you could call.  President Keglovits said there probably is one but you are going to pay more for an agency person.  Joe stated there would be no motion, council should think about it.


Minutes of Regular Meeting – October 14, 2014 – Page 10 of 12


President Keglovits mentioned he would like an article in the paper about the leaf cut-off date of December 1st.  The road crew is trying to pick up as many as they can with the street sweeper.  Joe also stated he would like the leaf cut-off date put on the website.

Councilman Nothstein asked about a schedule for leaf pick up and the chief stated they go to areas where the leaves are in the street.  Chief Moyer said there are problems with contractors that do grass and put everything in the street.  He stated it can make a street one lane because of the amount of leaves.  Mayor Molchany asked how it should be addressed.  President Keglovits said property owners put their leaves in the street, why can’t the contractor do the same.  Mayor Molchany stated some residents have a contractor who collects their leaves but they also take them.  Councilman Paone feels it is a public safety issue.  President Keglovits feels a letter should be sent to the property owner regarding the leaves dumped in the street by your contractor which is causing a problem.  He stated if leaves are out on the street and if there is some type of activity at your place of worship the borough can’t come down 1-2-3.  Feels the property owner and contractor should work something out.  Chief Moyer would like to see what happens this year.  Councilman Paone feels everyone should be reminded it is not a service everyone provides.


President Keglovits reported there have been some inquiries about the possibility of selling our rights to the cell tower.  Some company has been inquiring about a buy-out and is willing to give “x” amount of dollars to take over the rights to the cell tower.  Currently we get about $25,000 per year for the rights to the tower at the Main Street location.  Joe stated two companies have contacted the borough to say if we’re interested they would be willing to pay a certain amount of dollars for that right.  Originally it was inquired about many times but the offers were low but recently the offers have been pretty nice.  The money that we get goes into the General Budget.  Joe stated $25,000 is roughly a half of mil.  President Keglovits stated the borough would have to go out on bid and we could reject any and all bids.  There are pros and cons, get a consideration of money up front, invest it and maybe do a road project or something.  Joe said if the amount is $250,000.00 and we want to do a road program we would have to go out and borrow money.  If the borough invests the money you are only getting 2%.  President Keglovits asked how long it would take the borough to save $250,000.00.  He said there are more and more trucks coming through and possibly looking at that for another 4 to 5 years.  Joe stated two calls in one day and they are actually offering buying our lease.  Solicitor McCarthy would like to look at the lease.  Joe stated the offers are enough to make him think about it.


Councilman Nothstein wanted to echo what everyone else said about AutumnFest and everyone working together and also people in the committees.  It was nice to see everyone working together for a common cause.  It was an awesome day he stated.


Councilman Nothstein asked if a property in the borough does not have a sidewalk is there a way to require one.  He stated someone asked him about it and the answer was no.  The only way to do it is by making an ordinance. 



Minutes of Regular Meeting – October 14, 2014 – Page 11 of 12


Councilman Nothstein stated at the fire committee meeting he understands no one at this point is interested in the truck.  President Keglovits stated that is correct.  Shawn made the comment the broker we picked is a very small broker, the one they pick has a broader spectrum of outlets to sell it.  President Keglovits will talk to Shawn.  He met the company at the fire truck show.  Both brokers advertise in the same magazines.  It is being advertised for $50,000.00 as suggested by this company.  President Keglovits is not opposed to switching if council so desires.  Bill stated this kind of truck is not appealing around here but sees it as being sold abroad.  Councilman Paone asked where the truck is currently and is it taking up space.  Joe stated the truck is one of the bays and did not want it outside.  He said at the same time the borough has one of their trucks sitting outside and at the same time the historic truck is sitting in one of the bays.  The fire department owns the historic truck and council wondered where they could store it.  Joe does not want the 550, bigger snow plow truck out in the winter.  It is nice to have them in the garage to drip dry and defrost.  Pete asked what the plan is going forward.  Can they put it outside with a tarp over it   Councilwoman Hazzard feels we should let them know the truck we own has to go into the garage, our borough owns 2 out of 3.  The historic one should be parked outside.  President Keglovits will look at the contract and see if it can be changed.  The other broker is located in Alabama. 


                        MOTION:         By Councilman Peter Paone

                                                Authorizing adoption of Resolution #297

                                                Eliminating member contributions to the

                                                Uniform Pension Plan for 2015.

                                                2nd by Councilman Michael J. Seng

                                                Head count – all yes


President Keglovits has a service contract for the Hunter Street pump station for annual inspection in the amount of $480.00 for 2015.


                        MOTION:         By Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                                Authorizing the service contract with

                                                Controlex for the Hunter St. Pump Station

                                                In the amount of $480.00

                                                2nd by Councilman Michael J. Seng

                                                Head count – all yes


Vice President John J. Yanek asked that when we do the resolution for the park, the Lesko’s and Albert families should be present.  Mayor Molchany said he was going to talk to Mrs. Albert.


Councilman Paone wants to see if we want to do anything about the bridge.  Joe talked to Roy Stewart and was told the county owns it and would have to get a cost estimate from Roy.  Joe said D & L was working on it.  This is regarding engineering and permits.


Minutes of Regular Meeting – October 14, 2014 – Page 12 of 12


President Keglovits said to cross over, there are logs in between the rails—if they are taken out and then not quite sure if it should be done.  If D & L does what they say they would fix the pipes—lost that money.  There is a watchman there every day even if the train does not come thru Joe stated.

Pete had 3 questions:

  1. What is the timeline to actually get permits, longer then June or July, likely not possible.

  2. What would the cost be to pursue permits?

  3. If there is a cost, would D & L chip in or is it entirely on the borough. 


MOTION:         By Councilman Michael J. Seng

                        To pay all bills.

                        2nd by Vice President John J. Yanek

                        Head count – all yes


MOTION:         By Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                        To adjourn meeting.

                        2nd by Councilwoman Michele Hazzard

                        All ayes


Meeting adjourned at 9:26 PM