Council Meeting Minutes of 9-9-2014











President Joseph Keglovits presided at the Regular Council Meeting of North Catasauqua held September 9, 2014 calling the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


PRESENT:         Mayor William J. Molchany, Jr., President Joseph Keglovits, Councilpersons

                        William Nothstein, Cherie Gebhardt, Michael J. Seng, Michele Hazzard and

                        Peter Paone, Solicitor William J. McCarthy, Treasurer Annette Englert and

                        Secretary Nancy Knecht.

                        Also present was Police Chief Kim Moyer


EXCUSED ABSENCE:    Vice President John J. Yanek


Minutes of the August 26, 2014 meeting approved as read.


Treasurer Report for August accepted as presented.




Observing:  Susan Gair, Mike Luciano, Dan Silverblatt, Ray Hahn and Brian Mott


Dakoha Zelinsky took her oath of office given by Mayor Molchany, Jr. for the position of junior councilperson.




Secretary Knecht reported there were 2 building permits, 3 zoning, 1 dumpster and 1 curb and sidewalk permit issued for the month of August as well as 1 street excavation permit to UGI.


Secretary Knecht reported she received a Right to Know request by Attorney Ian Baxter requesting information on 1021, 1022 and 1024 2nd Street.  Copies went to Solicitor McCarthy also.


Secretary Knecht reported tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM there will be a Zoning Hearing meeting on the parking pad proposed at Willow Brook Farms.


Minutes of Regular Council Meeting – September 9, 2014 – Page 2 of 8


Secretary Knecht reported at last month’s meeting business cards were discussed for council.  The secretary was asking for a motion so cards could be ordered.


Office Report approved as read.




Treasurer Englert reported she received renewal information from State Workers’ Insurance Fund for the workmen’s compensation information for the Fire Department.  She stated it will cost approximately $300.00 more than last year.


Treasurer Englert also stated she will need a motion to submit the MMO, Minimum Municipal Obligations, for 2015 for the Police and Non-Uniform Pension Plans to Beyer-Barber, the actuarial company.


Treasurer Report approved as read.




Mayor Molchany reported he gave copies of a notice about the break-ins to Dan Silverblatt to be handed out to his neighbors, some minor changes were made.  Mayor Molchany reported the break-ins are still being investigated.  Mr. Mott asked about the cell found in his car and wanted to know the progress of the investigation.  Mr. Mott was told the cell phone is part of the investigation.  He stated there is no timetable and it is going on 60 days.  Mayor Molchany stated the police are helping in the investigation.  Mayor Molchany reported as things progress Mr. Mott will be notified. 


Mayor Report accepted as presented.




Chairman Nothstein reported he was unable to attend the Public Safety-Fire meeting last evening but Councilman Paone did attend.  Councilman Pete Paone stated most of the meeting was a discussion on what the upcoming fundraisers will be.  He also reported October 11th will be bingo night and also discuss what parades they will participate in.  They will participate in the N. Catasauqua/Catasauqua parade.  President Keglovits asked if there was information on AutumnFest on what they might be selling or not selling.  Councilman Paone reported that was no discussed. 

The white Explorer, the assistant chief’s vehicle will be used the next 8 weeks by Francis Hadik as he is taking a class at LCCC, a type of fire marshal class.  Tyler Fatzinger will be taking some type of leadership course on Thursday and Saturday’s and will be using the car also.


Minutes of Regular Council Meeting – September 9, 2014 – Page 3 of 8


Public Safety-Fire Report accepted as presented.




Cherie reported Catasauqua Youth Soccer Association is asking permission to use the grassy area of the park again and is asking council permission.


                        MOTION:         By Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                                Authorizing youth soccer to use the park

                                                as long as it does not interfere with a

                                                planned function.

                                                Seconded by Councilwoman Michele Hazzard

                                                Head count – all yes


Recreation Report accepted as presented.




Chairman Seng reminded council to try and have their preliminary budgets in by the end of the September and then the four will sit down.  The 4 will be Joseph Keglovits, Peter Paone, Chairman Seng and the Treasurer.


Finance and Grants Report accepted as presented.




Chairman Seng reported Mayor Molchany requested at the last council meeting the Civil Service Commission be activated.  He got with the commission and plans to meet the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm in the Community Room at borough hall.  The first meeting will be held the 3rd Tuesday of October,  Michael Seng will be the Chairman, Barbara Barber, Vice Chair and John Keglovits, Recording Secretary.  Secretary Knecht will advertise the meetings on the 3rd Tuesday for one year.


Civil Service Commission accepted as presented.




No Report




No Report

Minutes of Regular Council Meeting – September 9, 2014 – Page 4 of 8




No Report                                             




Chief Moyer reported he would like to hire a part-time officer that is academy trained and is from Nazareth, Bushkill Township.  He works for another municipality and his name is Christopher D’Andrea.

President Keglovits asked about uniforms and the chief said uniforms were purchased for the full-timers.  He tries to fit the part-timers with uniforms he has.


                        MOTION:         By Councilman Peter Paone

                                                Authorizing hiring Christopher D’Andrea

                                                Part-time police officer for the Borough of

                                                North Catasauqua.

                                                2nd by Councilman Michael J. Seng

                                                Head count – all yes


Police Chief Report accepted as presented.


Councilwoman Gebhardt reported she forgot to mention something as she was not able to attend the August meeting.  She stated this summer the fire department came to the park which was nice and did a nice program for the kids but one of the firemen brought their child in the truck with him.  She thought this was discussed a while ago that children, family members or whoever, unless a volunteer for the borough could not ride on the equipment.  She stated she asked the office if she was correct that Mr. Brosky sent a letter on this matter.  She read the letter and stated this practice is strongly discouraged due to the fact the borough could be sued for negligence—this could jeopardize the borough’s renewal.  She stated this practice is frowned on and most municipalities have polices that do not allow this practice.  Mr. Brosky stated he agrees with them and it is the first time he actually has heard of this and said it is dangerous for the borough. 

Councilman Nothstein reported he discussed this with Chief Shawn McGinley.  Bill feels if council is going to pursue this situation in any way, it should not be focused entirely on the fire company—it should be on any vehicle owned by the borough so it does not look like we’re picking on the fire company.  Bill also stated one thing he discussed with Shawn and Tyler was the fact of using the chief’s car etc. to go to the mall or whatever.  Councilman Nothstein said some of the things explained that individuals in the past which their employer allowed them to respond to a fire call would take their vehicle to work with them.  It was also mentioned that sometimes they are not going to work but are on call 24-7 and the fact of taking the vehicle with them so they could respond.  Their personal cars are not equipped with lights etc.  It is unfortunate we have to look at something like this because 10 or 20 years ago kids used to get rides on the fire

Minutes of Regular Council Meeting – September 9, 2014 – Page 5 of 8


engines etc. and went around the park in it.  It was the highlight of the event.  One thing Councilman Nothstein came up with and is familiar from his own theater organization is if we provide a waiver so that anyone that gets to ride as ex. bringing Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus to the park.  Bill stated if it is a volunteer it is okay.  There is a gray area that has to be covered.  Bill reported Brosky Ins. handles his insurance for his group and they have waivers the people sign.  He feels this is a solution without tying their hands and he thinks the waiver is an option.


President Keglovits stated the Fire Committee should come up with something and it should be for the entire borough.  As an example, Joe stated the golf cart—stated he brings his own and has coverage for his.  He also likes the idea of the waiver. 







President Keglovits said there is a stake there and Mr. Kish will contact the gentleman so the tree can be planted.  He would like someone from the road crew there.  Joe also said something that should be thought of for the future is to bring someone in to locate the wires, there are companies that do this type of thing.  He does not know where they are, some put in over the last 30 -40 years.




Treasurer Englert reported she provided Mr. Delabar with a flash drive that probably has 100 pictures on it of which he is trying to include.  She reported Eric is about done with the website.  Annette stated he feels training the office staff could be done in 2 hours.  He is currently working on a cheat sheet that would guide the staff through if they might have a problem.  It is hard to reach Eric when he is working. 




President Keglovits stated he found the information on his desk and feels this should be put in the budget for next year.  Chief Moyer stated the company doing it would be EJ Breneman, the company that we buy our signs from and have done our roads in the past. 

Joe stated sign inventory is mandatory by the state.  The cost of the program would be between $2,000 and $3,000.00 and would do all the work for us and the borough would be compliant on this program.  Chief Moyer stated with this program everything is downloaded to the computer and tells where all the signs are and when they get updated.  Everything gets done on the computer.  Chief Moyer feels it is a really nice program and President Keglovits said he should provide council with copies.


Minutes of Regular Council Meeting – September 9, 2014 – Page 6 of 8




Councilman Peter Paone stated after the meeting last night he did discuss the ordinance with Shawn and how far they want to go right away.  He basically looked at it and wants to go through it and mark up.  Once his comments are done he will present to council again. 

President Keglovits reported he has things to go over also, is it going to be mandatory, is it going to go on multi-units.  Pete stated Shawn did say that it may be mandatory in some areas of the borough.  Chief McGinley promised he and Tyler and others are going to review and comment on it. 

A resident asked if businesses are accountable for a certain number of false alarms.  Councilman Paone feels there will be quite a debate on this coming up.  Councilman Paone feels we are no where near passing this ordinance and President Keglovits agreed.




Councilman Nothstein asked Chief Moyer if in the course of a year are there a lot of calls on noise.  He said at the last meeting it was mentioned that an ordinance would help the police regarding noise calls and Bill wants to know if there is really a need for it if there are not that many calls.  Councilman Nothstein feels it opens a huge kettle of worms.  Chief Moyer stated most times it is an isolated incident and most are rectified.  Chief Moyer feels that ordinance would not help them.  Mr. Hahn asked if it means noisy neighbors—if it would be a noise ordinance there would be so many decibels.  Ray Hahn stated what concerns him about noise is the time of night.  President Keglovits stated there is an ordinance on disturbing the peace.  Blowing a whistle, cutting grass at night, a window air-conditioner could be too loud.  President Keglovits feels there is enough ordinances on the books that the person was trying to establish.  President Keglovits also stated it depends on how the magistrate would feel also. 

Councilman Paone reported the only time he complained was hearing the fire alarm on the building, which does not go off after 11:00.  President Keglovits feels noise ordinances are hard to enforce.  Also there is a factory on Front Street that makes some noise—have to be careful what we do.  Joe reported the last time he remembers a noise complaint was some neighbors on Front Street came in because of the factory noise.  President Keglovits also commented the airport came in one time and they talked about the noise of the planes flying over North Catty and was told airplanes don’t fly over North Catty.  He also said when the trains come though, they certainly make noise.


                        MOTION:         By Councilman Peter Paone

                                                To table the noise ordinance

                                                Presented to council.

                                                2nd by Councilwoman Michele Hazzard

                                                Head count – all yes



Minutes of Regular Council Meeting – September 9, 2014 – Page 7 of 8


Councilman Nothstein feels we should respond to the people that brought it to council and explain the reasons.  President Keglovits wants the Chief and Secretary to come up with something.






Councilwoman Hazzard reported to council there is a leadership conference coming up in Gettysburg this fall and there are a lot of topics she is interested in.  She would like to attend at a cost of $185.00.  She does not need housing, she has a place to stay.  She will get more information that could help us.


                        MOTION:         By Councilman Michael J. Seng

                                                Authorizing Councilwoman Michele

                                                Hazzard to attend a Leadership Conference

                                                At a price of $185.00.

                                                2nd by Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                                Head count – all yes


Michele reported this covers all the sessions and the dates are October 17th to 19th.  She stated she will bring a report back.


President Keglovits asked if anyone had any more business.


Councilman Seng brought up at the last meeting about business cards for council.


                        MOTION:         BY Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                                Authorizing the purchase of business

                                                Cards for council not to exceed $120.00.

                                                6 councilpersons @ $20.00.

                                                2nd Councilman Bill Nothstein

                                                Head count – all yes


Councilman Seng talked about ID cards because when he represented the borough at the sink hole on 2nd Street there is no identification badge.  He stated Rich “P” had a little clear plastic card strung around his neck with a picture stating he was a building inspector.  Treasurer Englert feels she could do something on the computer enhancing the business card.  This will be looked into. 


                        MOTION:         By Councilman Michael J. Seng

                                                Authorizing getting the MMO’s

Minutes of Regular Council Meeting – September 9, 2014 – Page 8 of 8


                                                To the actuarial.

                                                2nd by Councilman Bill Nothstein

                                                Head count – all yes


President Keglovits reported the Betterment Committee would like to put a library box in the vestibule and explained to council a library box is a place to put magazines or books for people to come and take one.  Joe stated he wants to stock the box with kid’s magazines and kids’ books.  He also stated once the website is up he wants to get the information out there if you take one put one in.  President Keglovits stated someone is working on the box.  There will be doors, 1 side

For adults and the other side for children.  Outside on the porch the box will be protected by the weather.


MOTION:         By Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                                Authorizing a library box at borough hall.

                                                2nd by Councilman Peter Paone

                                                Head count – all yes


President Keglovits reported AutumnFest is October 12th and will need the road crew people to help put up signs and set up tents.  He would like permission tonight.  He also stated he would like to have 2 people work that day.


President Keglovits also reported We Sing is presenting a concert on October 19th at the Catasauqua Presbyterian Church at 2nd and Pine streets.  It is free and anyone is welcome to join.


                        MOTION:         By Councilman Michael J. Seng

                                                To pay all bills.

                                                2nd by Councilman Peter Paone

                                                Head count – all yes


                        MOTION:         By Councilwoman Cherie Gebhardt

                                                To adjourn meeting.

                                                2nd by Councilman Peter Paone

                                                Head count – all yes


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.